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I Forgot I Love You Episode 033

I Forgot I Love You Episode 033

I Forgot I Love You Episode 033

Rómulo tells Gilberto to stop coming in between him ( Rómulo ) and Florencia. He should stop badmouthing his younger brother ( Rómulo ) and focus on cleaning the mess he put the family into. Gilberto replies that soon enough Florencia will discover the scoundrel he Rómulo really is. He also treathens him to back off else he’ll ruin him. he then orders Rómulo to move his car out of his way from his path.

Sonia is with a lawyer friend of hers, she asks questions about her daughter’s position in the Colonel’s father. The lawyer tells her that , as it stands, Maria doesn’t have any access to the Coronel’s estate except Pasqual’s personal inheritance. She advises Sonia not to bother herself about inheritance. She just got married. She should just relax and enjoy the luxury. Sonia says she can’t relax. Maria is entitled to inherit everything the Coronel has, and she’ll make sure she gets it.

Rómulo invites Laurena, Dario’ s girlfriend to meet him in the Rivero winery. He asks her to talk to Dario to stop picking quarrels with him. He has the Rivero family’s interest at heart. Laurena says she knows Rómulo very well. He’s up to no good. She will not put in any good word for him to Dario. Rómulo treathens to expose her troubled past to Dario. Laurena calls off his bluff, says he can go ahead and do whatever. She’ll also expose his dirty past. She walks out on him. Javier is eavesdropping on them all the while.

Florencia is with her mother at home. She commends her for being a good cook. She then leaves for work.

Alba meets the new company secretary Manuel eating at his desk. she jokes about it being a taboo to eat at work. He laughs and offer her some chocolate. She declines, saying that she’s on a diet. She invites him to touch her stomach and feel the movement of the baby. He does so with so much excitement. Alfredo sees them and gets paranoid. He asks Alba to follow him out.

Gilberto and Melchor discusses on their strategy to get back their certificate of operations from the winery board. Pasqual joins them. Gilberto suggests that they pretend to do things differently so as to gain the trust of their neighbors. Melchor and Pasqual tells Gilberto that they hope his plan works.

Florencia meets with Rómulo on the field and asks about his fight with Dario, says Boulevard told her. Rómulo trivialize it. He then tries to cast aspersions on Dario’s girlfriend Laurena. He says nobody knows her background. Besides it’s possible that the pack of cocaine Florencia found at the winery actually belonged to her and not Dairo. He lies to her that Dario told him that he’ll hire more workers by himself .

Pasqual comes to Gilberto’s office , says he has has closed for the day. Gilberto tells him that the insurance company is paying the compensation for all of the company’s losses. He then shows Pasqual the same old family photo of the mystery woman, holdings him ( Gilberto ) and Pasqual. He asks whether he knew the woman. Pasqual says he can’t remember.

Gilberto meets the family at dinner. Melchor is discussing about Sonia’s plans to study. Sonia excuses herself after a moment.

Sonia gets to her room. she remembers Melchor’s treaths and also his discussion with the family lawyer, excluding Maria from the Coronel’s inheritance. She breaks down crying.

Maria Clara comes to see Melchor at the Coronel mansion. She warns him to leave her alone. Gilberto joins them with little Maria.

Florencia confronts Dario about his fight with Rómulo. She also queries him for failing to hire workers after promising Rómulo that he’ll do so. Dario says Rómulo is lying, and that he’s manipulating her against him. They argue and he angrily walks away.

Gilberto asks Maria Clara what she did with the huge amount of money he gave her in their divorce settlement, how come she’s broke. He begs her to allow him help her. She asks why Gilberto is so concerned about her situation. He replies that he knows how it feels to be alone. She tells him that he has his family. He doesn’t have to feel like that. Maria Clara sees little Maria and moves to say hello and holds her affectionately. Sonia comes and takes little Maria away. Maria watches on with so much sadness. Gilberto continues to plead with Maria Clara to accept his help. She says she doesn’t need anything from the Coronels. she angrily walks away.

Melchor tells Gilberto that he’s too kind with Maria Clara. He then says he’s going out and leaves . Gilberto tells the maid to prepare him coffee. he then stealthily gets to Melchor’s office at home and searches around.

Manuel comes to Alba’ s office to deliver some documents. Alfredo is there and isn’t please to see him. Manuel gives Alba a bar of chocolate. She collects it with so much excitement and thanks him . Manuel then leaves. Alfredo throws a fit of jealousy, and grabs the chocolate from Alba. Alba teases him of being childish and jealous.

Alfredo returns the bar of chocolate to Manuel and warns him not to be too informal with his wife. He then asks him to report everything about the company to him else he’ll loose his job.

Dario tackles a worker for abandoning the Rivero winery and working for the Coronel. The worker replies that since they didn’t hear from the Rivero. They decided to accept the Colonel’s offer , besides they are paying them more. he promises to come back when when they finish, he then drives off. Rómulo comes around and inquire why they don’t have any hired workers. Dario jibes at Rómulo saying that the Coronel are always playing dirty. Now they have hired all the workers who were working with the Rivero. A confused Rómulo watches as Dario walks away.

The police commander Chavero is at the Coronel winery, Gilberto gives him some documents to help him in some investigations, Pasqual joins them, Chavero exchange some pleasantries with him and asks him to send to him all his wedding pictures, he then leaves. Pasqual tells Gilberto that he spoke with the company’s banker, all the cheques they issued were dishonored, the insurance company suspects a case of arson in the fire incident at the Coronel’s vineyard. Gilberto blames Javier’s book for their predicament, he tries to calm down Pasqual, promising to source for funds some how. They speak on phone with the banker Alberto, he says he can’t help them .

Dario and Florencia are chit chatting, Rómulo joins them, Dario tells him about the problem between the Coronel family and the insurance company, he says he’s happy, although he feels bad for the poor workers. Rómulo says that even though he’s a Coronel, he’s also happy, because Gilberto and Melchor are always dubious in their dealings. Florencia reprimands them, saying that the only time the two agree on anything is when something bad happens to the Coronel.

Melchor is with Pasqual and Alfredo, he pours out his frustration about the damage Javier’s book has cost the company, Gilberto joins them and orders Alfredo to go and attend to some new supplies, Alfredo reluctantly leaves. Gilberto tells Melchor and Pasqual not to worry, he has everything under control.

Melchor is seated in the garden, Alba joins him, they discuss about Maria Clara predicament. Melchor suggests to Alba that it’ll be good for Maria Clara to come back to stay in the Coronel mansion, he also talks about the choice of name for Alba’ s baby.

Sonia is in the kitchen, she sees one of Alba’s supplements, she picks it and study the bottle.

Alba visits Maria Clara at her hotel and begs her to come back to the family house. Maria Clara argues that Gilberto is dating Florencia, she can’t come back. Alba assures her that there’s nothing going on between Gilberto and Florencia.

Maria Clara pays Florencia a surprise visit at home, and ask her whether she still has feelings for Gilberto. Florencia tells her that she has no right to question her like that. Maria Clara says she want her husband back, so she’s asking whether they are still dating. Florencia fights with her emotions for a while and says that whatever she ( Florencia ) and Gilberto had is now dead, so Maria Clara can rest easy. Maria Clara replies that she can never rest easy so far as Florencia is still in town.

Melchor gets home and finds Maria Clara seated in the living room. He mocks her for accepting too quickly, Alba’s invitation, he tells her to use Rómulo’s room.

Gilberto finds Pasqual discussing with Rómulo in the Coronel winery, he interrupts them, and Rómulo confronts him for playing dirty against the Rivero winery, Pasqual prevents them from exchanging blows, Rómulo leaves. Pasqual asks why Gilberto acted against the Rivero winery , he said he did it to teach Rómulo a lesson, besides their father will be cross, if he finds out that Pasqual is helping Rómulo.

It’s dinner time in the Coronel mansion, Maria Clara and Sonia meets in the kitchen, Sonia tries to patronize Maria Clara. Maria Clara tells her that knowing the Coronel, little Maria will have to compete with Alba’s baby, but obviously, little Maria stands no chance. For now, Alba’s baby is the sole heir.

Gilberto gets home and is surprise to find Maria Clara there.

Melchor is giving some talk at the dinner table how the family will triumphs over her trials, the phone rings, eveyome is surprise, who could be calling the house at this time, Sonia goes to pick it, someone want to speak with Alfredo, he comes to get the phone and start arguing with the person at the other end.

Gilberto decides to check on Alfredo, he over-hear’s him warning the person on the phone to never call him on this line again, he quickly hangs up when he notices Gilberto standing behind him.

Gilberto asks Alfredo who was on the line, he lies that it was one of the workers, nothing important. Gilberto picks the phone and copy the number and dial it on his cell phone, someone picks it, Gilberto gives a fictitious name and asks who is on the phone, he gets a response, and his countenance changes. Alfredo is so nervous.

Alba comes to ask Gilberto and Alfredo what’s the problem , Gilberto responds that it was a minor issue from work, but Alfredo has solved it. Alba urges them to come back to dinner, Alfredo reluctantly follows her. Gilberto watches them go, he’s wearing a furious look.
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