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Forevermore Episode 65

Forevermore Episode 65

Forevermore Episode 65

Kate brings food to Agnes and Xander because JC told her they were celebrating their monthsary. She tells them she feels like she interrupted their celebration. Agnes tells her not at all and thanks her for the food. She tells them she came to apologizes for her action these past few days. She hopes Agnes doesn’t think she is the girl who wants her ex back. Agnes never thought that of her anyway. They were actually worried about her. Kate suggests they put everything behind. The most important thing is that everyone is happy and they are still friend. Xander suggests they go back inside but too late they all join them inside. One of the twins feels it is too bad they had to end the celebration. They decide to return to their respective home before the rain start. Buboy tells him he is also sleepy and prefers to go home. Agnes invites Kate to join them; Kate wants to see the gift Xander gave her. Xander tells her it is embarrassing, Kate insist she want to see it. Agnes brings out her gift and tells her he got her jacket, boot and promises to take her to Mt. Pulag. Kate tells her she loves the place. She hopes Xander still remember when they went there with her mother and other friend. She has been telling Xander to go there for long time now but he never went. She is happy he has finally decided to go. Xander tells Agnes he has always wanted to go there before. Kate suggests another place and asks Agnes if she has ever been spelunking. Agnes wonders what it means, Kate laughs at her achievement.
Xander tells her it is like cave exploration. Kate tells her she needs to ask Xander to take her there. She personally didn’t want to go there but Xander insisted. So they went there on their second monthsary. She is glad she went there with him and actually expects Xander to tell her yes. Agnes smiles and tells her she still has a lot of time with Xander to explore. Of course he tells her, he tells her they will go to Sagada someday. Our love bird flirt, Kate quickly changes the subject and order for jam. Agnes initially tells her she doubt she can deliver them. However she agrees to deliver the following day when Kate suggested she come to La Presa again. Agnes returns to her room. She wonders why Kate was telling her about their monthsary. She doesn’t need to know where they went or what they did before. She feels she is overreacting, may be Kate was telling a story. At the end she is the one going to Mt. Pulag with Xander. She cheers herself up and prefers to just sell her jam to Kate. After all business is business and she needs the money. The following day she takes the jam to Kate’s house. Kate requests she teach her how to make the jam. He just doesn’t need 30 jars; she needs 20 more and begs her to teach her. Agnes tells her she has a lot of things to do, Kate begs until she accepts. They go the kitchen to learn how to make strawberry jam. Kate prefers to talk about Xander, she wants to know if Xander like the jam. Agnes tells her yes, it is favorite snack at La Presa. He puts it in his bread, biscuit even his drink. Agnes tells her Xander loves her strawberry jam.
Kate can’t believe it; he never liked strawberry jam before. She feels may be it is because he is in Baguio a lot that is why he got tired of jam. She tells Agnes Xander favorite back then was her specialty. I don’t care about the dish name anyway. She continues to brag and make a fool out of herself. She tells Agnes when she studied cooking in London. She met a lot of talented pastry chefs, and suggests Agnes also study abroad. May be the Filipino strawberry jam will be famous in other countries. Agnes laughs and tells her it will be impossible. She can’t even save enough to go to the university not to talk of abroad. Kate suggests she apply for a scholarship, Xander has a change to study abroad.

But he is not interested and asks Agnes to take advantage. That is if he would have to make amends with his family. They can send her to best school in any part of the world. Too bad he doesn’t want to and prefer to be a farmer. She doesn’t mean to belittle Agnes work but the truth is Xander is not from their world. Kate tastes the jam and tells her it taste different. Agnes also tries to taste it but she prevents her and prefers she uses she spoon instead. She does and tells her it is ok, it almost the same taste. Kate starts pacing and tells her she want it exactly like hers. She removes her apron and asks Agnes if she has any stock in La Presa. Agnes tells her yes; Kate decides to call Xander and asks him to bring the jam. Agnes tries to convince her not to throw away the jam. Kate refuses because Xander likes Agnes jam. Agnes tells her other people might like her jam better. Kate wants to copy her recipe. She wants those who don’t like strawberry jam to end up liking it, just like Xander.
Speaking of Xander he enters with the jam. Agnes is glad he found the jam; he reminds her he is superman and gives her his flirty look. Jaime meets with La Grande, Soledad heard his daughter was sick. Jaime tells her she is getting better. Alex wonder what wrong with her, he says fatigue. May be she got tire of running the restaurant. Julius gives him the agenda; it is all about La Presa, the Monticillo and the project. Jaime asks them not to worry, they will get La Presa. His lawyers are already working on it. Julius wants to know when they can confirm it. He tells her him soon; Julius wants him to be specific. Alex tells him they should not pressure Jaime. Julius tells him he is not pressuring him. He just wants everything to be cleared. They have been beaten around the bush for too long now. Alex wants to know if Jaime considered a possibility of continuing the project without La Presa. Jaime insists they should not worry, they will get La Presa. Kate continues to make a fool out of herself comparing herself to Agnes. She feeds Xander with the jam they prepare; he tells her it is not bad. Agnes tastes it again and agrees with Xander. Kate can’t settle for something mediocre. she wants Xander to like it and feed him another spoon. Agnes excuses herself to use the bathroom. She stares at them before entering the washroom. Kate stares at Xander and smiles, while Agnes tries to cheer herself up in the washroom. Alex confronts Julius about his attitude towards Jaime.
Julius tells him he was only doing his job and asks him not to interfere. Kate hands over the magazine with Julius on the front page to Xander. She asks if he is not affected, he tells her no. he is not interested in being the new face of Grande. Agnes walks in and Kate caressing Xander’s face. she tells him he is still the only Grande face to her. That is what matter; she notices Agnes and kisses his cheek. He thanks her for the concern but he is not the Grande that will inherit everything. Agnes joins them and hangs herself on Xander just to remind Kate he belongs to her. She pays no attention to Agnes and tells him they are alike. They both know what they want. Agnes interrupts them and request they leave, then asks Kate for her payment. Agnes gives mean face to Xander during the whole trip. He reminds she was so sweet in front of Kate. He wants to know if there is a problem, she tells him yes. There is dirt on his face and asks him to go wash it. don’t know what happen but the video stopped playing

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