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Forevermore Episode 58

Forevermore Episode 58

Forevermore Episode 58

Alex visits his son at La Presa, he asks Xander to return to the Grande. He understands he is angry about what happen with Agnes. But it is inappropriate for him to throw away something he has worked for the past year. He tells him they have worked hard their life to make sure he gets everything he wants in life. Xander is grateful to them especially Alex because thanks to him he finally knows what he is been looking for in life. He assures his dad, he is not trying to be rebellious but this is actually what he really wants. He wants to be a farmer and stir at Agnes jam. He wants to build a life at La Presa and hopefully someday start his own family. He knows he may sound crazy, he left the Grande luxuries to dig soil but he is really happy at la Presa. Alex decides to give up since he has already made up his mind. Xander tells him not only his mind but his heart as well. He only hopes granny will understand and forgive him one day. Alex wishes him good luck and hugs him. JC visits Kate at home, she tells him when Alex left Cebu she also decided to leave. He suggests she call him the next time her company. She thanks him for being a good friend. She hopes she can repay him one day and wonder if he has heard from Xander. He tells her no, he is not picking anyone calls. Agnes wants to know what Xander and his father talked about. He tells her Alex wished him good luck and they hug. She wants more details but he tells her it is enough that they are okay. He feels his father will find a way to explain to his mother and grandmother. Agnes asks if he thinks they will accept his decision. he tells her he doesn’t know. But the important thing is that they clear about what he wants to do.
He wonders why she looks sad, she tells him because his mother and grandmother might still be mad. He tells her he can imagine his mother reaction at the moment. Just as he said Bettina had the same reaction. Alex feels they should happy because for the first time Xander knows what he wants in his life. It may not be the direction that they want but at least their son has a plan. Xander tells Agnes she is sad because she wants their children to grow up closer to their grandmothers. She laughs and tells him he is thinking too far ahead. He asks her not to worry. His mother and granny will forgive him when they see the cute face of his child. He is sure his mother will take the child to soccer practice. Agnes wants to child to play basketball, buboy joins them. Xander want to know what he will prefer Basketball or soccer. Buboy wants to know who they are for. Xander tells him they are meant for him in the future. Julius informs Bettina he wants a regular update on the development of their resort. She feels he is acting like a big boss now. He suggests they keep it professional but she tells him it is personal to her. He stole from her son, Julius tells her if Xander wants his position he should tell him. He will gladly set down for him. Since he is too busy with that farmer girl, he can act like her boss. Because technically speaking he is now her boss. She goes to the office furious. Meg reminds her Soledad gave him that position. There is nothing they can about it. Clauie goes over to Xander tent and tells him he wants to experience what Drew was talking about the last time. She wants to try his tent because her house is cold and Drew told her his tent is hot. He tells her his tent is very cold and request for her phone. He calls his friend and asks to meet them. They meet at the café, he tells them he is staying at La Presa. They can’t believe he is giving up his career at the Grande to be a farmer.
He tells them he is done with partying. He wants to focus on his life at La Presa. He wants to pull out his investment from their event planning. Buboy and Banky decides to do the laundry. Agnes joins them and asks of Xander, a guy playfully tells her he left with Clauie. Buboy tells her he borrowed his truck and left very early. Just at that moment Xander return with a lot of wood in the truck. Bettina welcome Kate’s parent in the hotel. Xander informs the villager he talked to an engineer and shows him the design. He told him he is going to make a draft of La Presa Resort.

They all welcome the good news well. The engineer will include the cost estimate and timeframe of the construction. Buboy reminds him they don’t have money. Xander asks him not to worry. The engineer told him they can divide the construction in phases. Jamie informs Bettina he already gave his go ahead to acquire the land for the agriculture resort. He is sure by his people have contacted the people of La Presa. It is the last piece of land the need for Alex’s project. The villagers are busily building the sign board for La Presa Resort. Attorney Melito Vergara arrive and request to speak with the owner of La Presa. Buboy tells him they all own La Presa. Meilto tells them he is representing Kate’s Family. They are interested in buying the land from them. They offer him coffee before rejecting his offer. He asks them to rethink about their decision because they are willing to pay 25% more of the land value. Xander tells him La Presa is not for sale. Melito wonder if he is also the owner of La Presa.
He tells him he is Xander Grande II. He asks the lawyer to tell his family that La Presa is not for sale. He advises they rethink their plan for the agricultural resort. La Presa won’t be part of their new project. Agnes stares at him and smiles. Melito is surprise to see a Grande object to the sale of the land. He thought the whole family was on board with the project. JC informs Kate that Xander pull off his share and now reside in La Presa.
He has never seen Xander this way. The last time Xande was serious about a girl was with … Kate ends his sentence and tells him with her but he wasn’t serious till the end. At the board meeting Alex wants to know what will be their next step if they don’t acquire La Presa for the project. Bettina tells him Jiame made sure that will get the land. Julius informs them he will ask the engineer to adjust the design since Xander leaves there. Soledad refuses and tells them Xander already forfeit the Grande’s name. She tells Bettina this will teach her son a lesson. Nothing will happen in his life in if he is not a Grande. Damian blames Xander for the Grande intention to use their land. Buboy confirm Xander already inform him. He thought the project didn’t push though since they didn’t hear from them.
Sebio reminds him that Xander can’t control his parent decision. Xander asks them not to worry; his father assures him he won’t force them to sell La Presa. Alex informs him mother Julius made a plan just in case the villagers refuse to sell La Presa. Soledad tells him they won’t compromise with the design. It is Alex’s vision why is he hesitating now. Alex tells Soledad Agnes and Buboy will give up their life just to protect La Presa. She tells him Jaime is a sweet politician capable of turning a no into a yes. Alex tells her he gave Xander an assurance that he will respect the villagers’ decision. Soledad tells him Xander is already a disappointment. She hopes he won’t follow his footsteps. He is president because he is her son. If she senses he is putting the family in a compromising situation. She won’t hesitate to remove him. If Julius is smart enough to be Xander’s replacement. She is sure he can actually be a brilliant replacement for him. Meg assures Bettina she will drive Xander away further if they allow the project to proceed. She tells Meg Xander will appreciate her as a mother when everything is taken away from him. Jiame calls Bettina to inform about Xander objection to the sale of La Presa. She tells him they make the decision not Xander. Jiame tells her he wanted to confirm before they move to the take the next step. He advises she asks Xander to get out of hey way if not they may get hurt. Agnes tells Xander she is not scare of losing La Presa because she knows superman is by her side and he will help them.

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