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Forevermore Episode 44

Forevermore Episode 44

Forevermore Episode 44

Take your spoon or fork and joins us to enjoy Xander surprise meal to his villagers. Everyone in La Presa enjoy the food except our little sweet little Niknok who obviously sees Xander as his rival. Xander prefers La Presa food, he feels no matter how good the food was cooked. Once you eat it alone it still taste like something is missing. They all tease him; he prefers to eat sweet potatoes as long as he will get someone to eat with him. They order for potatoes for him and laugh. Chloe offers to go over Superman’s place to share his food every day. Buboy give his permission to Xander to date his daughter but on condition. He is not allowed to her take her to the park or on the street. Niknok finally speak and wonder if he is also allowed to date Agnes. Buboy suggest he try to date Bonita, she is also single. Xander and Agnes stare at each other and he rolls his eyes. Bettina calls JC to find out about her son whereabouts. JC tells her they are not together and won’t see each other today. Xander takes food to Niknok. He refuses to eat, Xander tries to convince him to eat it but he refuses. He tells Xander he will never eat his food. Xander apologizes to him because he knows he is mad at him. Niknok reminds him he promised he won’t fall in love Agnes. Xander also thought same, Niknok calls him and traitor for betraying him. He feels he lost hope with Agnes because Xander is now dating her. Xander apologizes again; he didn’t know what happen to him either. He just woke up one day and realized he is in love with her. He saw how nice and lovable Agnes was, well Niknok tells him she is not only nice. She is beautiful and hardworking and smart. Xander tells him he can’t blame him for falling for Agnes. He tells him he is still young and small how can he date Agnes who is already grown. He makes the little boy understand that Agnes is not a perfect match for him. He promises the little boy, one day he will find his perfect match. Niknok accepts defeat and tells him she belongs to him. However he wants Xander to promise he will never hurt her.
He warn never to forgive him if he ever hurt Agnes, Xander promise. Bettina invites Meg to join her for dinner since her husband is having a business dinner. Meg accepts her invitation; Bettina confesses she is at time jealous of Meg because she relates more to Xander than she does. Meg suggests she takes advantage of Xander presence to get closer to him. Bettina feels it is easier said than done. She prefers Meg help her to get to know her son better. She wants her to find out about his interest and where he goes lately. Meg wonders if she is asking her to spy on Xander, Bettina tells her no. all she wants is to get to know her son better. Xander stands outside and watch Agnes and Judy. Sebio joins him and wonder if he ready to start. XAnder can’t get near Agnes; she has been talking to Judy since earlier. The old man wants to call Judy so he can talk alone with Agnes but he refuses. The old man wonders if he is scared. He tells Xander it is painful to watch him this way. Judy tries to leave but Agnes asks her to stay. Judy wonders why Agnes is so scared to get closer to Xander. Agnes doesn’t know what she is supposed to do, or what to tell him. Judy has a solution; she asks her if she remember when they were imagining John Lloyd dating them. They were going to pretend there were not interested. She asks Agnes to show her the face of someone who is not interested. Agnes does that, Sebio pushes Xander inside, Judy asks Agnes to relax. Xander finally interrupts them and requests to speak with Agnes. Judy excuses herself and leaves, Agnes practice what she though. She pays no attention to him and returns to her flowers. Bettina asks her friend if Xander and Kate already spoke. Her friend reminds her the last time they had the opportunity to talk, Kate called her and Xander was there.
Xander was in a hurry so Kate felt it is not the good time for them to reconnect. Kate mum wants her to put herself into her daughter’s shoes. She feels if you break up with someone. It looks a little desperate if you try to call that person, Bettina understands. She will ask her son to call Kate and apologizes. She is sure he didn’t mean to make her feel this way. Agnes and Xander sit in the cold and wonder who will speak first. Xander finally does, and ask her if she is ok. She tells him she is fine, he asks of her foot and gives him the same answer. Back to square one, they both remain silent. Xander breaks the silent and feels it is very cold, Agnes tells him she is used to it. He hesitates then raises his head and tells her there are no stars today, Agnes gives him direct answers. She returns inside before even gets up, once she is gone he does his face. You know the face you do when wonders what wrong with someone. He reaches his car and wonders what wrong with him, he is embarrassing himself. Agnes hides and watch him and regret what she did, she feels Xander felt insulted by her behavior. Xander goes directly to Meg’s place and wonder who wear evening gown and dress up to go to bed. Well Meg does, she want to look nice when she dies, she is aware she can die anytime even in her sleep and as such she has dressed to bed. She wants to look beautiful when they recover her body the next day. Xander tells her he has an emergency, he just discovered he had no idea how to date a lady. Meg feels it is unbelievable that Xander Grande III, one of the richest and handsome guy in town. He can have any girl of his choice, girls are head over heels for him, yet he is asking her for advice on how to date a lady.
Xander asks his friends for the same advice; one asks him to let them kidnap Agnes so he can just elope. One suggests he give her expensive gifts, they also advice he takes her shopping, buy her a house and a car. Meg on the other hand tells him girls want to be treated like royalty. He should treat her like his princess and queen. He has to make her happy all the time. He also skype with a lady, (I don’t know her name yet) and suggests buying Agnes gift. The lady reminds him not all girls are materialistic, she feels what matter is the gesture not the gift. She tells him lady don’t really care if the gift is expensive or not. Meg tells him the big things don’t mostly make girls happy, but the little thing men do every day that make them feel so loved. They are the important one and will make more impact.

Meg assures him he will have the girl if he listens to her. The lady tells him that is why girls loves those grand gestures on love in romantic movie. There is that one person who will do anything for them. Back at La Presa the villagers complains about Xander absence. The first person they question is Agnes, they asks her if she turns him down. Banky’s asks them to relax, he is sure his boy is getting thing ready. He assures them the next time Xander visit. He will come with thousands of flowers and gazillions of balloon. Soon after that a helicopter will swing by and there will be rain of rose petal in La Presa. Just at that moment Xander arrives, and Agnes is relieved. He joins them with 2 boxes of pizza; they wonder where the flowers and Petal that will fall from heaven. Banky’s turns to Xander and asks if he came with nothing, Xander tells him he came with pizza. Chloe teases her, Agnes asks Xander not to pay attention to them, it was Banky’s fault. Xander wonder what the old man told them.
Agnes gives him details, Xander apologizes for not visiting, and he tells her was busy. He wants her if she wants him to do that, if yes he will gladly do it. Agnes tells him he will only annoy her if he does it. He apologizes for the last time; he actually didn’t know what to say. She tells him not to worry, he tells her deep inside he was praying to God for the stars to appear. He tells her he will do anything for her even bringing the stars to her. Agnes feels he is now ragging, Xander tells her not to challenge him. He decides to prove to her and asks the stars in the sky to come to him so he can give them to his beloved. Agnes joins him and asks him to be quiet it is embarrassing. Xander doesn’t pay attention to her and continue to yell and calls the stars to come to him. As soon he stops, fire work in the sky, Agnes is thrilled. Xander can’t help but smile at Agnes beautiful face as she watches the firework. Well don’t get it twisted, the old man was actually right. Xander has prepared himself to surprise her with the fireworks. He turns to her and tells her these are her star and then asks her to be his girlfriend. At mention of girlfriend the smile on her face disappeared, Xanter apologizes if she didn’t like his surprise. Agnes also apologizes; she doesn’t think she can do this, Xander wonder if he has no chance with her. Bettina is worried about Xander because he always comes home late. Alex doesn’t seem to worry at all; at least he comes home now, unlike before. She tells him she caught Xander lying to her. Xander told her he had business meeting with his friends, she spoke with JC and he said he wasn’t aware. Alex reminds her he has many friend and feel it is a just a miscommunication. Bettina disagrees, she has the feeling Xander is hiding something. She doesn’t think her son has changed after the farm experience. She suggests monitoring his whereabouts to make sure he doesn’t return to his self.
Alex doesn’t thinks his son is hiding something and asks her o let him be. Agnes tells Xander she knows nothing about dating or relationship. She feels they are both young, and she doesn’t know if she is ready to fall in love. Her parent got married but looks what happened to them. She tells he is very important to her, that she is sure of. She is happy when she sees him, and it is enough to make Xander smile. He tells her when he asks her to date him. He didn’t mean she has a make a decision about them right away. He only wanted her to know that he loves her, and he is willing to wait until she is ready. She suggests they remain good friend first, Xander agrees and even name the day as “Special good friend day”. She suggests they name the day “Super friend day”, Chloe already calls him Superman so she can be his superwoman. He disagrees and tells her she is Louise Lane because she is his kryptonite. She agrees and they nose to nose, laugh and stare at each other.

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