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Bridges of Love Episode 103

Bridges of Love Episode 103

Bridges of Love Episode 103

Carlos refuses to accept that Lorenzo killed Muloy, back in car Mia wonders why Lorenzo is telling about his initial plan with Carlos. He tells her because despite everything he did, to hid Carlos from his family, she managed to bring them together. He even tries to break her relationship with Carlos but it also didn’t work. Mia gets scared and tells him he is driving too fast, and asks him let her get down from the car. Lorenzo continue driving fast and tells her it is time to end everything. Lorenzo calls Gael, Gael asks him why he didn’t show up at the warehouse where he sent his Carlos to be killed. Gael asks him to come and explain to Carlos what he did to his friend Muloy. Mia starts shouting Gael’ name, Lorenzo tells him it is time to end everything and asks him to meet him at the old site if he wants to see Mia alive. Mia yells at the background and asks Gael not to listen to Lorenzo; he should not come to site. Vida comes crying to the Nakpil, and tells them Gael came to confront Lorenzo and the truth is finally out. Muloy didn’t commit suicide, Lorenzo killed him.
Ramon calls Marilen to find out if they know anything about Mia whereabouts. Marilen tells him she is not with them; Ramon tells her Mia told him she was going to meet with Carlos. Marilen tells him Carlos has not been to their house, he tells her he is been calling Mia but she is not picking her call. He tells her Mia was very worried about the text message she received from Carlos. Mia begs Lorenzo to listen to her, she asks him not to make things worse. Carlos follows Gael car heading towards the old site. Mia opens the car door and jumps out, she get hurts in the process and is unable to run. Lorenzo stops the car and comes out but Mia manages to stand and start running. She gets inside an abandon building and closes the door; Lorenzo also comes in holding his gun. She sees him and hide, then runs off, Lorenzo hears her and follow her upstairs. Gael shows up and starts shouting Mia’s name, Carlos also joins them. Mia slips and fall, Lorenzo finally sees her, and points his gun at her.
Mia starts shouting, begging him not to shoot her, and Gael sees them. Lorenzo then points his gun at Gael and threatens him not to get closer. Gael begs him to put his gun down, Lorenzo blames him and his parents for making him suffer. Gael goes on his knees and asks him to shoot him instead, Lorenzo holds Mia violently and try to strangle her and point his gun at Gael. Mia starts yelling, Gael keeps begging to pay for his family sin with his life, but Lorenzo drags Mia and informs Gael that it won’t here. Carlos joins them, and sees his father holding his gun and dragging Mia on the floor. Lorenzo tells Carlos he is not supposed to witness this. Carlos turns to Gael, and then asks Lorenzo if it is true that he killed Muloy. He gets angry and starts yelling at his dad, Lorenzo tell him he didn’t want to lose him. Muloy death was an accident but Alexa left him, and the Nakpil made a fool of him, Mia asks him to just end it but he shakes and yells at her so hard that she begs. Lorenzo tells him the people who betrayed them made them strong.

That is he is just like him, but Carlos tells him he is not and will never be like him. He thought Lorenzo was his father, his family but he realized he was wrong. He killed Muloy and now he wants to kill the woman he loves, is it his way of showing that he loves his son. Gael begs Carlos to keep quiet but Carlos continues to talk angrily to his dad. He tells Lorenzo that he also lost him; Gael makes a sign to Mia to try and get away from Loenzo but she busily crying that she doesn’t notices it. Carlos calls him Mr. Antonio and asks him to let go of Mia, Gael tells him he will kill her, but Carlos keeps asking Lorenzo to let go of Mia. Lorenzo yells and tells them he will end everything right now, he pushes Mia on the floor and point his gun at her. Gael starts running with the intention of taking the bullet but Carlos sees him earlier and tries to block him, but Lorenzo fires the gun and they both fall.
Gael takes the bullet, while Carlos get hurt, Carlos manages to drag himself to Gael and calls him brother; he holds his hand and recalls their childhood. Carlos holds big brother hand very tight and warns him not to die. Mia now gathers all the courage and confronts Lorenzo, who is still standing there watching his gun. He asks her to call the police, Carlos tells his brother who is fighting for his life not to give up, they still have a lot of thing to do together. Gael manages to speak and promise him to fight for his life; Lorenzo shamelessly goes on his knee and start crying. The police show up and take Lorenzo away, while Gael is still there fighting for his life. Mia and Carlos hold tight unto Gael, while Marilen is back home praying to God to make way for forgiveness between the two family. The next scene Gael and Mia sitting on the bench, he gives her a piece of bones, she tells him he used to give her one anytime something good happen to him. He tells her she is the best things that ever happen in his life and thanks her.
Mia tells him she should rather say thank you to him, he made her realized she can live a normal life, and showed her how to love. JR tells him mother he is a bit embarrassed for all the trouble he caused them because of his stubbornness, and thanks her for not giving up on him. She tells him he is his son and she loves him very much and hugs him. Lorenzo in his orange shirt reads a letter from Alexa, she attached a photo of her ultrasound to it, and informs him he is going to have his own JR. Carlos and Manuel finally make peace, Carlos apologies to Mia for treating her like his property but she tells him she will always cherished the love they share. She wonders how they both fell in love with her, why she also love they two of them but now she now she has an idea. She came into their life to reunite them; she hopes he will understand when she leaves. She wants to also fulfil her dream and learn how to love herself. He promises her to be the man she always wanted to have. The Nakpil family reunites, Eva and Gael get married on a bridge, Mia comes to the wedding and sits with Carlos, and they hold hand. FIN
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