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Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 27

Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 27

Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 27

Macaria carefully takes the gun out and plays with Fausto’s emotion. She gets emotional when she sees a gun because it was used to kill Pablo. She tells him it belongs to Fausto. he gave it to her when she brought Abi to the house. Efrain hopes it is a registered gun, she tells him. He can investigate it; she is sure it is under the name of Fausto. The gun is part of Fausto’s gun collection. Fausto plays along and offers to shows the rest to Efrain. Renata joins them and Macaria leaves, Fausto interrupts Renata. He informs Efrain Renata is going away to the city for some time since he can’t go with her. He asks Renata to ask him for escort to ensure they are safe. Mia is in the good mood, she explains to her maid. Dianna asks the maid to return to her kitchen and mind her business. Dianna tells Mia blackmailing her all time to get her son out of jail won’t work. Mateo examine Constanza and gives her a sedative to enable her sleep. He explains to Abi she is suffering from agoraphobia. She can’t go out because she is frightening of public space. Mateo and Abi argue again over Dianna, he tells her Dianna is not Fausto lover as they all claim. She is very close to Fausto because he is dating Mia. Abi wonders if it is Dianna told him. She thought he was intelligent not to believe her. Mateo refuses to tell her what he feels for her. He realized she is capable of inventing anything just to make him leave Dianna for her. Simona prevents Tonio from going out because Alfredo is not yet in. Motor arrives with Alfredo and she allowed them to go out. She tries to scold Alfredo but prefers to thank God for the return of her son. Fredy tells her he went to look for job at the canteen to help her.
Simona already told him to concentrate on his study while she finds a way to solve their financial problem. Fredy informs her he got hire in the church as a secretary. Constanza is taken away in an ambulance. They are worried about her reaction when she wakes up and realized she is not the ranch. The Cruzs’ sisters go to bed earlier, they both have excuses. As soon as they retire to their room, their love toys also show up. They both climb the window respectively. Abi informs Renata they are set to go. Renata tells her this house has always been a cell to her. She can’t believe she is finally leaving. Helena joins them and Renata informs Mateo Helena is coming with them. Unfortunately for the Cruzs’ sister they run into each other in the hallway. Big sister has two classes in her hand with the bottle of tequila. Motor comes out almost naked, little sister plays the saint. She even threatens to inform the priest; Tony also comes out half naked. Back at the ranch; they say goodbye and leaves. Benito tries to console Macaria but she mocks him. Fausto hides in his study and cries. While Macaria is happy she finally has Fausto for herself. Marcelino wonder why Renata left for the city after all these years. Fausto plays the understanding husband and feels most women behave this way when they do not have a child. Marcelino tells him every soon everyone in town will know Renata left him. Renata returns to the house where she gave birth and recalls Bruno maltreatment.

Helena and Abi enjoy them, Abi loves the place. Renata had mix feeling in the house. They go inside Constanza’s room and notices her room is empty. They go round but can’t find her. Meanwhile Constanza is awake walking in the garden in search of Bruno. Julio and other inmates are being transferred to the main prison. No news from Constanza, Amanda blames herself. The car transporting the inmates gets involve in a terrible accident. Julio and his friend take advantage and run away. Constanza made it to the town square and sees the Cruz’z sister together with their toys. Father Thomas visits Fausto at the ranch, he tells him he came to talk about his Uncle’s death. The Cruz recognizes Constanza and wonder what she is doing here. Constanza is still in her rope and tells them Renata run away with Abi. She is looking for Bruno and begs them to take her to the ranch. Bruno will come back for her and cries. Efrain requests for Constanza’s picture to help in the search. Patricio avail himself to help in the search. Efrain wonder why, well he is a family friend, Efrain thinks Fausto should have been around not him. Unfortunately Renata asks him not to inform Fausto so he will respect that. Abi and Mateo drive in town looking for Constanza. Fausto informs Lucio Father Thomas is the new priest and Father Francisco’s nephew. Thomas asks Fausto to help him find out who killed his uncle. Fausto tells him it was an accident but he disagrees. Marcelino takes advantage of Efrain absence and request for the accident paper work. The police officer prefers they wait to Efrain before they take any decision. Marcelino gets angry and tells him he also has the same right. Simona addresses the women during her campaign and they give her all their support. The Cruz sisters hope they made the right decision about Constanza.
Patricio tells Renata he didn’t believe she finally left Fausto. He wants to know if it is because of what he told her. She tells him no, she did it for herself and her daughter. She prefers they change the subject because she is worried about her mother. Efrain walks in and sees them hugging then recalls Fausto confession about Pablo dating Renata. Helena tries to console Amanda and assures her no one is to blame for Constanza’s disappearance. Tomas scolds Freddy for speaking ill about Fausto. Just at that moment Mel comes in and tells Tomas the boy is right. Fausto is the demon in town just like Lucio. Mel hugs him and tells him he is now a big man. Lucio is worried the new priest might be a problem. Fausto tell him he won’t if not they will kill him. Macaria joins them and tells them Vicenta doesn’t suspect anything. He tells her to make sure no one sees her. The police arrest Motor for the death of father Francisco. Mateo and Abi return home with no news about Constanza. Abi is worried about her godmother, Mateo consoles her. Diego arrives and sees Abi in Mateo’s arms. Macaria drags Constanza in her house and tells her it is going to be her home. At least until they decide on what to do with her.

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