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Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 26

Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 26

Ask God For Forgiveness Episode 26

Abi confesses to Mateo she is in love with him too bad he is going to marry his fiancé and leave town. Mateo doesn’t believe her and tells she doesn’t know who she loves. She tells him she kiss Diego to make him jealous. Mateo tells her she doesn’t love him, her feelings are just an illusion. She asks him to thinks whatever she likes but she is sure about her feeling for him. Fausto confronts Renata about the kiss and slaps her. He calls her name and holds her against the wall. He tells her he loves her but she disagrees. He married her because of her father’s money. Fausto confesses he killed Pablo out of jealousy when he find out she was pregnant. Renata cries because Pablo knew she was pregnant before he died. He tries to kiss her and tells her he kill Pablo because he loves her. He loves her and she is going to give him a child. He throws her on the bed and rapes her, she shout Patricio’s name but he uses a pillow to cover her mouth. During dinner, the two old ladies chat while Abi seems lost in the thought. She decides to go into the big house and runs into Diego and Mateo. Mateo offers to go with her but she refuses. He begs her to wait for him while he checks on Amanda and Vicenta. Diego tells her Mateo already informs him he felt nothing for her. He assures her he understands how it feels when one love is not reciprocated. Lucio goes to Macaria’s house and see her lost in her thought. She tells him it is not fair that Renata gets so many men to fall in love with her while she gets no one. She feels even Fausto is in love with Renata but he refuses to admit.
Lucio tells her she has him and tries to get closer but she refuses. She confesses to Lucio she has the gun he used to kill Pablo. She stole it from him some years back and intends to give it to commander. Lucio tries to find out about the gun whereabouts but she refuses to tell him. Fausto rapes his wife one more time. She tells him she hates him with all her heart and threatens to report him for murder. He tells her to thinks about Abi, if she dares she will end up in a grave like her father. Abi begs Mateo to leave Dianna for her, Mateo tells her he is not right. Fausto walks by them ignoring them. They both freak out, Abi rushes to Renata’s room while Mateo picks the call. Dianna on the phone, Fausto asks Lucio if he has the gun and they leave in the car. Renata gets dress and recalls her conversation with Patricio. Abi enters and asks if she is ok, she tells her yes. Fausto and Lucio heads to the hotel and demand to know about Patricio’s whereabouts at gun point. Meanwhile Patricio enters his room and Florencia gives him hot welcome. The hotel receptionist tells Fausto he had no idea about Patricio’s whereabouts. He handed over his key and left the room. Lucio decides to confirm and runs into his son in the hallway. Renata once again asks Macaria to help her escape with Abi and Constanza in the evening. She tells Macaria someone saw her with Patricio and informs Fausto. Max wonders what he intend to do with the gun in his hands. Lucio is proud to see him and hugs him. Lucio suggests he come stay with him but Max refuses. He tells him he is leaving the following day. Lucio convince him to join him for a drink. Patricio turns Florencia down. Macaria agrees to help Renata thought she will miss Abi.

Renata suggests she comes with them but she refuses. She can’t leave Fausto alone because she loves him. Lucio confirm to Fausto Patricio indeed left the village. He introduces him son to Fausto as the richest man in the town. Max reluctantly agrees to shake hand with Fausto. Florencia dress up and wants to leave, Patricio tries to explain but she doesn’t need one. She calls her stupid and apologizes and tries to leave. he stops her and apologizes for not reciprocating her love. He confesses to her that he is in love with another woman who doesn’t love him back. Abi enters Mateo’s room while he packs his stuff. He tells her he will spend the night with his mother and leave the following day. Abi wants him to tell her what he feels for her. Macaria enters on time to prevent them from kissing again. Constanza stares at Bruno’s picture and wonder where he is. Renata interrupts her and requests to speak with her. Simona tries to adjust some expenses because paying her bill is no more been easy since she lost her job. She tells Freddy Toni’s money is not enough to cover up for everything. Freddy also wants to help but she prefers he concentrate on his study. Lucio is proud to have his son around and introduces him to everyone in the bar. He buys free drinks for everyone in the pub. Max wonders how he intends to pay. Lucio tells him he is not rich like his other father but he earns enough. Max makes lets him know that he saw him humiliating himself in front of Fausto. Macaria enters Fausto’s office and leaves the gun in his drawer. Abi tells Renata she will come with her, Renata is glad.
Constanza refuses to go with Renata because Bruno will come for her. Renata desperately tells her Bruno is dead and wants her to understand. Constanza start crying because she thinks her husband die in jail. Fausto shows up and Renata tells him she is leaving him for good. Constanza asks Abi to convince Renata not to leave because Bruno will return. Fausto asks her to relax because she is not leaving. Mateo tells him he can’t force Renata to stay if she doesn’t want to. The maid leaves, Fausto turns to Macaria. Lucio gives money to his son and tells to leave town as he wanted. Freddy comes to the bar and wants to work. The barman throws him out because he is too young. Renata has made up her mind to leave regardless of the consequences. She asks Fausto not to worry, he won’t lose anything. He tells her he will lose her, she brushes him off. She asks him to forget about the illusion that he loves her. He tells her he does love and tells her she will only leave the house on his death body. Macaria enters and asks her to leave so she speaks with Fausto. Father francis’s nephew wants to know why Freddy is looking for a job and offer him job as his secretary in the church. Macaria informs Fausto she has already called the commander and informed him about the gun. Just at that moment Efrain comes in and Macaria goes into Fausto drawer and takes out a box. She opens it in front of them and carefully brings out the gun out.

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