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Ariadne Diaz Released First Image of Diego

Ariadne Diaz Released First Image of Diego

Ariadne Diaz Released First Image of Diego

Ariadne Diaz released first image of Diego With the happiness that only a child brings. The actress Ariadne Diaz and Marcus Ornellas finally shared first image of their new born baby Diego. The little one was born on 11th May, 2016 in a hospital located in the west Mexico. Best friend of the actress Michelle Renaud was first to comment on the arrival of little Diego.

The happy mother said during an interview that this new stage of her life is full of happiness and joy. She also revealed she had an uncomplicated deliver. “Diego was born at 12:02 pm and was under observation then brought in the nursery.

When they finally brought him to me, it was a surprise. I couldn’t help but cry …. I didn’t believe it!” said the ex-protagonist of “The Black Dahlia.

Ariadne Diaz left her protagonist role in theatre play “The Black Dahlia as a result of her pregnancy. She wanted to prepare emotionally and physically for the arrival of her first baby boy Diego.

At 29 years, the model immerses in this new adventure of motherhood. She is discovering parts of herself that she didn’t even know. She still can’t believe she is a mother “the joy he feels is so great that seems it is a dream.
Thanks to the love for between the couple and for their son. The young couple has been able to build a great team. Marcus revealed during an interview that his admiration for his girlfriend grew even more from the birth Diego. “I always knew she will be a good mother. But she surprises me every day. Her maternal instinct is very much develop. I could not ask for a better mother for little Diego.” the Brazilian actor said during an interview.

Las patitas más hermosas del mundo entero! Muero de amor…

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