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10 Hottest Telenovela Actors (Photos)

10 Hottest Telenovela Actors (Photos)

10 Hottest Telenovela Actors (Photos)

We spend hours watching telenovela, we sometimes get too personal with the actors, we criticize and praise them in different roles but what makes most ladies enjoy telenovela are the good-looking, six packs males actors. Here are the hottest telenovela actors we have seen on our screen.

1. William Levy, Cuba, 35 years.

Willan Levy

Levy is an actor and producer, he won the heart of telenovela lovers with his first appearance in “Cuidado con el Angel” in 2008. Levy had appeared in People en Español’s list of the 50 handsomest men on several occasions.

2. Gabriel Soto, Mexico, 40 years.
Gabriel Soto

Gabriel is an actor , model and singer, he began his modeling career after he finished second in the 1996 Mister World pageant, he first telenovela was “Mi querida Isabel” in 1996 hence follows the couple of others.

3. Eugenio Siller, Mexico, 34 years.
Eugenio Siller

Eugenio began his singing career in 1998, then modeling and just after graduation in 2005 he landed his first role in the soap opera “Rebelde”. Eugenio is best known in “Mi pecado”, “Una Maid en Manhattan”, “Aurora” and many others.

4. David Zepeda, Mexico, 42 years.
David Zepeda

David is an actor, singer and model, he is well known for his roles in various telenovelas as well as reality show, he represented Mexico in the 2000 Manhunt International Pageant. He is currently in studio recording “Como Tres Gotas De Agua”.

5. David Chocarro, Argentina, 35 years.
David Chocarro

Chocarro wasn’t always a model and actor. He first started as a professional baseball player in Argentina. He then went off to become one of the most acclaimed telenovela actors after starring on Telemundo’s hit telenovela, “La casa de al lado” where he was the main antagonist.

6. Sebastian Rulli, Argentina, 40 years.
Sebastian Rulli

He is an actor known for “Teresa” and “What Life Took from Me”. Before becoming an actor, he modelled in Millan, Paris, Zurich, Tokyo and Miami. He is currently in studio recording “Como Tres Gotas De Agua”.

7. Mario Cimarro, Cuba, 44 years.
Mario Cimarro

Mario dream was to become an actor so he studies so hard to make it happen. Mario hit the big screen in 1996 in Romeo+ Juliet, in the same year he also stare in Sentimientos ajenos, Mario have worked with both Telemundo and Televisa.

8.  Aaron Diaz, Mexico, 33 years.
Aaron Diaz

Aaron became successful just after his first role in the teen telenovela “Clase 406” in 2002 where he plays ‘Kike’, he later stars in a couple of telenovela his recent appearance on Telemundo’s telenovela, “Tierra de Reyes”.

9. Jorge Luis Pila, Cuba, 42 years.
Jorge Luis Pila

He is one of the most cherished telenovela actors in the industry; he featured in dozens of telenovelas with at least one telenovela a year! One of his biggest hits was “Aurora”.

10. Erik Hayser, Mexico, 35 years.
Erik Hayser

He’s an actor, writer, and producer with over a dozen telenovelas to his credits. You can catch him on the hit Telemundo telenovela, “Los Miserables”.

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